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Grey ground

Nothing’s all black or all white. That’s a quite basic statement, but in this gallery I tried to catch those times which aren’t black, nor white, not even colorful, but grey.

Rien n’est tout noir ou tout blanc. C’est une sentence bien banale, mais dans cette galerie j’ai essayé d’attraper ces fois qui ne sont ni noires, ni blanches, pas même colorées, mais grises.



As we look through and live or work behind them, they might means something about us.

Comme nos regards passent à travers et que nous vivons ou travaillons derrière, elles doivent bien dire quelque chose sur nous.

Shadows, winds and ghosts

Here are some photographic curls. I’m waiting for your feedback.

Dark and bright city

Or when the night lets light express itself.

Ou quand la nuit laisse la lumière s’exprimer.


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Here is the Comicopy gallery. I’m trying a new technique: photocopy. It gives, to me, a comic and pop looking to the pictures which are not anymore photographies, but a new object. I hope you will appreciate it and give me some feedback.

Photographic Blogger Statement

In my work, I try to change everyday life details into the main point of my picture. Those details can be a construction, a situation, a single light…By catching those, I try to show their beauty or just just their factuality. No need to me to make an impressive picture from a flat item.

On a second hand, I like to present pictures taken during the night or in dark rooms. It’s actually not to show the darkness. But as the sun’s impact on the stars, the day light seems to hide many details, many contrast. The technical specificities are also quite interesting to me as they implement to take your time, wait for the picture to be done, and underline each light or movement.

As my work is based on what does exist, photography becomes an activity depending on luck. I need to see something interesting to me, I have to be available, I have to be ready. Traveling helps me to stay available. Staying too long in the same place makes creation harder to me. As everyone, I don’t notice anymore what would have shocked me when I just arrived. Staying long enough allows me to don’t focuse only on some basic-touristic-highlights.

As photographying is a pictural creation, I allow myself to change my pictures into something new. Not to save or improve an average shoot, but to change some into comics looking pictures pretty contrasted. I do consider that picture viewers are readers, so by this work I like to develop new creating and reading ways.

I do consider myself as a photographic blogger more than an “artist” as long as I use this media to share my creations and am looking forward for your feedbacks in order to evoluate.