…so it makes you stronger.


Who I am, who I like and the others.

  • Here are some of my other blogs:

About my current trip in Albania (till Dec 2010): Albania

About my previous 8 months trip in Europe: Welcome to Europe

An old photographic blog: Nibal01 (that was my nickname for a while)

  • Here are the people I like:

Irregular Photoblog : Ernesto Timor‘s blog

Witness : from one of the best war photographer ever, James Natchwey

Recstudio27: from Stefano Picichè, a gifted Italian director. Its showreels are kind of magic to me.

  • Here are the people I appreciate:

Sun and rain: from Mathias Nicolas. I don’t think we do exactly the same thing, but we try to follow the same way, to reach the same things. In french.

  • Here are the people I would like to appreciate but…:

Klesken: from Peter Klesken. He’s good, even really good, but he used a James Natchwey’s picture to make his own advertising on Facebook. That’s quite unethical, as are some of his pictures. I hope he will change.

Collectif G: I like their work, but they were pretending to be fully independent when they are sponsored by Panasonic who is trying to sell its new “Lumix G” through them. Even their name is tied to this product. The good thing is that they can live from their gift but use it too much as sellers for Panasonic.


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